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girl helps boys use VR headset

Focus on UDL When Using Classroom Technology


Topics: Assistive technologies, digital equity, Online learning, UDL

Educator Chris Bugaj remembers when his daughter was learning about insects and the environment as a second grader. One day, the assistant principal came to school dressed in a beekeeper’s outfit. He told the…


A student works on a robotics project with her teacher

Equity Literacy for STEM Educators


Topics: Computational Thinking, digital equity

In the context of STEM education, it is not enough for schools to identify the content and skills needed for K-12 students to become STEM ready. School leaders, STEM educators and educational stakeholders must…


3 educators looking at a laptop

Growing ME: Bridging the equity gap through mentorship 


Topics: digital equity, diversity

In my past position, I offered professional development to new mentor teachers. Research shows us that the number of people entering, and staying in, the teaching field is declining. But what I find even more…


Cheyenne E. Batista

3 Steps to Dismantle Inequities in Your School


Topics: digital equity

I have the good fortune of working with talented educators around the country who are committed to centering diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in their work. In my roles as a former founding school leader…


Richard Culatta

ISTE CEO: Shaping the future is in our DNA


Topics: digital equity, ISTE Standards, Seal of Alignment

I recently came across the T-shirt I was given when I volunteered at the 30th ISTE conference. In case you’re wondering, it still fits, as does the role ISTE has played in helping me stay ahead of important…


A parent helps a child with homework

4 ways to use tech to create a culturally responsive classroom


Topics: culturally responsive classroom, digital equity

Expecting students to leave behind all that they are when they enter the classroom isn’t just unrealistic, it’s unfair. But that’s often what's expected of students: Show up and be prepared to take what we…


Jason Trinh

Global Focus: Building a diverse, inclusive edtech community


Topics: digital equity

When students enter our classrooms for the first time, teachers may unconsciously judge them based on where they sit. Did they choose a seat front and center? They must be eager to learn and participate. Did…


Moviemaking in the Classroom

Topics: digital equity

Lifting Student Voices Through Digital Storytelling

By Jessica Pack

ISBN: 9781564849281

October 2021

Length: 152 pages


Michael Bonner shares five ways educators can check their implicit bias.

5 ways educators can check their implicit bias


Topics: digital equity

Michael Bonner’s degree in psychology gave him insight into the power of the mind. What he didn’t know was how that knowledge would come into play in the classroom.

Bonner, a second grade teacher in a…