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a boy at computer with hang on head in frustration

COVID-19 thrusts digital equity to the forefront


Topics: COVID-19, digital equity, ISTE Expert Webinars, Online learning

With millions of students out of school across the country due to the coronavirus pandemic, districts everywhere are scrambling to put in place remote learning programs. A big stumbling-block is guaranteeing…


Two girls playing Minecraft in school

Playing Minecraft at school results in 'collateral learning'


Topics: ISTE Expert Webinars, Minecraft

Scott Merrick clearly remembers the moment he realized Minecraft Education Edition was working in his classroom.

“I looked around the room – a computer lab with 30 computers – and every kid was engaged…


A teacher and a student working at a desktop computer

How To Teach Information Literacy


Topics: Digital & media literacy, ISTE Expert Webinars, Librarians

As a school librarian and technology specialist, Caitlin McLemore took particular interest in a 2016 study


7 ways to create PD webinars that engage your audience

7 ways to create PD webinars that engage your audience


Topics: ISTE Expert Webinars, Professional development, professional learning

Rose loved the idea of attending webinars, or online professional development (PD) presentations, online. If she watched them live, she could chat with other participants while hearing about new content from national experts. If not, she could tune in later to the archived version, while making…