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A girl helps a boy with a VR headset

The Hottest Topics in Edtech in 2021


Topics: Digital Citizenship, digital equity, esports, SEL, Virtual & augmented reality

For a few years now, we’ve shared the hottest edtech trends of the year based on the topics resonating with educators at the annual ISTE conference. Although the topics themselves often don’t change much from…


A young boy uses an AR app to see a 3D image of a mountain

Create AR Using These 5 Apps


Topics: Virtual & augmented reality

One of my first experiences with augmented reality came from the Aurasma app, later known as HP Reveal. The mobile app layered 3D objects and videos on top of a high contrast image. My mind was blown after I…


Augmented reality can be a powerful learning tool

Augmented reality can be a powerful learning tool


Topics: special needs, STEM, Virtual & augmented reality

What do a skillet, a grand piano and a computer have in common? They are all types of tools, of course. Sitting idly, they just take up space. But a skillet in the hands of Emeril Lagasse or Wolfgang Puck…