Help educators change lives. For every educator you support with your volunteer efforts, hundreds of learners around the world benefit. Whether you can give a little of your time or a lot, there’s a perfect volunteer position waiting for you! 

Community champion Contribute to the ISTE online community by responding to discussions and ensuring a welcoming community for all members. 0-1 hours per week
ISTE Blog contributor Write articles on the use of edtech in the classroom to empower learners and address the ISTE Standards. 1-4 hours per article
Book reviewer Read and share feedback about books being published by ISTE and review book proposals. 1-6 hours a few times a year
Professional Learning Network leader Help lead a group centered on specific education topics and interest areas. 1-4 hours per week


These are a sample of volunteer positions. Volunteer applications are currently closed.

Get Recognized for Your Time

ISTE is an official certifying organization for the President's Volunteer Service Award. Any individual, family or group can receive presidential recognition for volunteer hours earned during a 12-month period or over the course of a lifetime at home or abroad. Keep track of your time with the President's Volunteer Service Award Hours Form (PDF).

A Volunteer's Perspective

"Volunteering for ISTE is the best of both worlds! I can connect with and learn from people all around the world while giving back to an organization that has helped shape me as a professional."

—Jacqueline Liesch, member since 2013
Part of the ISTE Librarians Network communications team.