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NEMOnet from NASA

NASA makes a game of trying to save world’s coral reefs


Topics: citizen science from NASA, ISTE Standards for Students, NASA

NASA’s latest citizen science project is a serious global endeavor cloaked in a video game.



a girl stands in front of a wall celebrating Black leaders

10 Resources for Teaching Anti-Racism


Topics: digital equity

How do you nurture anti-racism in children? Can educators and parents teach young people to see past their unconscious bias and ingrained beliefs to truly empathize with peers of color? How can white educators…


a boy sketching a frog in school

Sketchnoting brings power of brain science to the classroom


Topics: Learning sciences, Sketchnoting

In 2016 Nichole Carter attended a session on sketchnoting at the ISTE conference, and it changed her teaching forever. That pivotal moment also sparked a passion…


girl helps boys use VR headset

Focus on UDL When Using Classroom Technology


Topics: Assistive technologies, digital equity, Online learning, UDL

Educator Chris Bugaj remembers when his daughter was learning about insects and the environment as a second grader. One day, the assistant principal came to school dressed in a beekeeper’s outfit. He told the…


Two girls playing Minecraft in school

Playing Minecraft at school results in 'collateral learning'


Topics: ISTE Expert Webinars, Minecraft

Scott Merrick clearly remembers the moment he realized Minecraft Education Edition was working in his classroom.

“I looked around the room – a computer lab with 30 computers – and every kid was engaged…


two elementary school boys watch a video on on iPad

4 Tips for Creating Awesome Classroom Videos


Topics: Online learning, Video

As a new teacher, Josh Stock often found himself stretched thin as he raced around his classroom trying to answer student questions.

“I was bouncing all around the room and it was getting overwhelming…


a person takes a picture of the night sky with a smartphone

Touring the heavens with NASA through the lens of a smartphone


Topics: citizen science from NASA, NASA, NSSEC, STEM

Sten Odenwald likes to get the public involved in citizen science projects by using one of the most…


Two girls smiling looking at a phone

Video Poems Add Digital Literacy to Creativity and Expression


Topics: Creativity, ISTE Standards for Students, STEM & STEAM

As an artist, Tim Needles has always written poetry. So, as an art teacher, it was a natural for him to merge words with visual arts in his classes. One result is video poetry.

But what Needles has…


A student examines a solar system model

NASA Project Allows Students to Eavesdrop on Faraway Planets


Topics: citizen science from NASA, NSSEC

Radio Jove, a NASA citizen science project, provides a way for students and other everyday Earthlings to…


Two girls code a robotic vehicle

Teach Kindergartners To Code


Topics: Coding & robotics

For today’s pre-kindergartners, learning computer coding is taking its place alongside learning their ABCs.

“We can agree that coding is important, but for children today, it will likely be…