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One woman teachers another woman in front of desktop computer

4 Best Practices for States to Ensure Digital Readiness for Educators



Due to the rapid transition to online and blended instruction in response to COVID-19, schools and districts have faced unprecedented challenges that continue into the new year. At the same time, there is also…


A father helps his son with online learning at home

What the 2020 General Election Results Mean for Edtech


Topics: Advocacy and funding

The 2020 campaigns leading up to Election Day 2020 have been contentious, and the issue of how to ensure safe and effective student learning during the ongoing pandemic has been a flashpoint. By and large,…


a girl with an iPad listens intently to her parent

3 Ways to Ensure IT and Edtech Plans Promote Learning 


Topics: IT infrastructure

If there is a silver lining surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s that the national spotlight is shining brightly on equitable access to effective use of technology in schools. But in order to keep…


A student looks at a computer screen

Education Leaders: Get Federal Funding for Your District!


Topics: Funding, Online learning

As school building closures extend into 2021, states and districts continue to leverage online and blended learning models to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to do so effectively, strategic…


A teacher conducts a lesson online

COVID-19: Support urgent federal funding for effective edtech use


Topics: coronavirus, COVID-19, Online learning

With school closures likely to extend into the 2020-21 school year, educator readiness remains a large…


Interview: How Wyoming is reimagining edtech professional learning


Topics: Advocacy and funding, ISTE Certification, professional learning

State leaders, including Wyoming’s State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jillian Balow, are learning that access to technology alone doesn’t guarantee improved pedagogy. Access must be matched by efforts…


a group of educators in a brainstorming session

Interview: Defining effective edtech use


Topics: ISTE Standards

In the past decade, state policymakers have invested heavily in devices and infrastructure to narrow the digital divide in schools. Many are now recognizing that, to ensure these investments are achieving their…


3 educators looking at a laptop

Growing ME: Bridging the equity gap through mentorship 


Topics: digital equity, diversity

In my past position, I offered professional development to new mentor teachers. Research shows us that the number of people entering, and staying in, the teaching field is declining. But what I find even more…


Cheyenne E. Batista

3 Steps to Dismantle Inequities in Your School


Topics: digital equity

I have the good fortune of working with talented educators around the country who are committed to centering diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in their work. In my roles as a former founding school leader…


A student demonstrates technology to a parent.

3 strategies for engaging parents about using tech for learning


Topics: Parents, Social media

When parents are informed about how educators are using technology for meaningful learning, they are more likely to become passionate advocates for school technology. Here are three creative ways  beyond…