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three teachers in a PLC discuss student success

4 benefits of an active professional learning community


Topics: PLC, Professional development

A professional learning community (PLC) is a team of educators who share ideas to enhance their teaching practice and create a learning environment where all students can reach their fullest potential. …


Two teachers involved in professional development

Developing a culture of learning for educators


Topics: Professional development, Professional learning communities

The Innovator Solutions section includes contributions from corporate sponsors and advertisers representing education organizations, businesses, policy-making bodies and other influencers dedicated to…


Joseph South

ISTE Certification helping create a critical mass of change agents


Topics: ISTE Certification, Professional development

A year ago, I made a bold promise at the ISTE conference. I said I’d buy a Philly cheesesteak at ISTE19 for every ISTE Certified Educator there if we…


7 ways to create PD webinars that engage your audience

7 ways to create PD webinars that engage your audience


Topics: ISTE Expert Webinars, Professional development, professional learning

Rose loved the idea of attending webinars, or online professional development (PD) presentations, online. If she watched them live, she could chat with other participants while hearing about new content from national experts. If not, she could tune in later to the archived version, while making…