ISTE resources help you bring digital citizenship to the classroom in meaningful ways

Digital citizenship is about much more than online safety — or a long list of don’ts. It’s also about the do’s that help create thoughtful, empathetic digital citizens who can wrestle with the important ethical questions at the intersection of technology and humanity.

Those do’s include:
  • Using technology to make your community better.
  • Engaging respectfully online with people who have different beliefs than you.
  • Using technology to make your voice heard by public leaders and to shape public policy.
  • Determining the validity of online sources of information.

This new lens focuses on empowering learners to be in community with others in online spaces and showing them that digital citizenship goes beyond conversations about personal responsibility. It’s about being active citizens who see possibilities instead of problems and opportunities instead of risks as they curate a positive and effective digital footprint.

ISTE CEO Richard Culatta discusses the new lens on digital citizenship that focuses on the do's of digital citizenship.


DigCit course from ISTE U

The new online course Digital Citizenship in Action on ISTE U teaches you how to bring digital citizenship to your classroom in meaningful ways and across various content areas. The 15-hour course was created by Kristen Mattson, Ph.D., who also serves as the virtual coach.




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Empower students as digital citizens

In Digital Citizenship in Action: Empowering Students to Engage in Online Communities, you’ll find practical ways for moving dig cit lessons beyond talk about personal responsibility and toward active participation. Plus, check out this fun, colorful digital citizenship poster that highlights best practices for productive online conversations.

Know the ISTE Standards: Digital Citizenship

Part of preparing students for the digital age includes helping them become responsible consumers and curators of online content. For this reason, digital citizenship is a benchmark integrated into the ISTE Standards for Students, ISTE Standards for Education Leaders and ISTE Standards for Coaches.

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Explore the essentials of digcit

In Digital Citizenship in Schools, Third Edition, you’ll get lesson plans, professional development activities and a framework for creating responsible digital citizens.



Resources to inspire you

FREE DOWNLOAD: Digital Citizenship poster

Educators worldwide have committed to teaching and modeling responsible digital citizenship. Find out how they plan to do just that, then hang this sketchnote-style poster in your classroom to keep digital citizenship front and center!


I’m a Digital Citizen poster

Digital citizenship is a critical skill that should be taught in a positive way. The five competencies outlined in this poster will shift the conversation from the don’ts to the do’s.


VIDEO: More digcit tips from educators

Discover how to take digital citizenship beyond monitoring and into mentoring with tips from educator Michael Hernandez and mother-and-son digital citizenship duo Marialice Curran and Curran Dee. They share observations, inspiration and ideas for how to build digital citizenship and media literacy skills by focusing on do’s instead of don’ts.



Discover digcit content on the ISTE blog

Count on ISTE for learn-it-today, teach-it-tomorrow resources. We’ve got you covered with articles on citizenship in the digital age, embedding digcit in all subject areas and why digcit is the modern form of citizenship for all.



Dive into the Digital Citizen standard

Developed in partnership with Metiri, this professional learning resource is a great introduction to the Digital Citizen standard within the ISTE Standards for Students. The Digital Learning Pathway quickly provides the information you need to get started teaching digcit more deeply today.



Get peer support for all things digcit

Members only! ISTE’s Digital Citizenship Network connects you to other innovative educators to share digital citizenship lessons and resources, get answers to your questions and share best practices.